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Watersports are any sports involving water, whether in, under or on the surface of the water. Watersports exist to suit all types of people, and many Watersports are spectacular spectator sports as well.

Watersports that take place in the water range from swimming to water polo, and diving. Watersports under the water include snorkelling, scuba and free diving, and water rugby. Watersports on the water encompass a huge range of activities. Surface water sports include all the surfing and body boarding, boating, and wind-propelled Watersports. For the more adventurous, being towed by a vehicle when skurfing, water skiing or paragliding are some high adrenalin water sports.

Watersports are fun to watch and play, so take time to explore the world of watersports.



Watersports in Sainte-Anne, Lesser Antilles, West Indies

  • Maya Beach Club

    Maya Beach Club offers you the perfect beach holiday in Sainte-Anne, Martinique at this wonderful water park at the sea, the Caribbeans largest. There's swimming lessons available, baby swimming, kayaking, catamarans, plus intensive English courses combined with water sports. This beach clubs recreational facilities and the inflatable water park also has sea scooters, banana and wakeboarding, catamaran cruises, buggy hiking and so much more. Come for fun, giggles and warm water sensations with family and friends, you'll never want to leave. Come jumping, diving, somersaulting and more on the giant sea trampolines, there's also a floating bar and this is a great place for birthday, groups and events.

  • Maya Beach Club School of Languages

    The Maya Beach Club School of Languages in Sainte-Anne, Martinique offers a unique educational concept for juniors and teens supervised by a teacher and an English professional team sports professional. Each week students receive 15 hours of English tuition coupled with other program activities: aquatic lifesaving, canoeing, swimming, waterpolo, aquavolley, juggling, percussion and more. This beach clubs English courses are also available for professional people who wish to improve their English, and a catamaran transforms into a classroom. After courses, learners can discover the islands, or those back on land can have incredible fun in the water park.

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